We are always grateful when we have a new guest visit us. God gave us the privilege to work with so many wonderful families and we take our work seriously. We are not only on a mission to help kids build healthy habits but also to make them strong, confident, and successful adults.

Recently, we received an email from one of our parents Brooke. When she first brought her daughter Bella to our program over a year ago she could barely do a push up or sit up. Today, Bella is a strong and confident young lady. In her email, Brooke shares how our program has transformed her life.

“First, I must say I absolutely LOVE Lean Teen and everything it stands for. My favorite part is your Christian influence, smile, and your love for the kids! It makes me emotional to think our journey will come to an end at Lean Teen. Your impact will never be forgotten though. I can’t thank you enough for helping Bella becoming a strong, confident, young women. Before Lean Teen she was quiet, shy and insecure. Now she stands tall and feels good about herself. Before Lean Teen she couldn’t do a single sit up or push up. Now she does more than the boys in her gym class.”

Bella came to our program over a year ago and is now at a healthy BMI after losing 10 pounds and growing a few inches. She is also ready to workout on her own and is an expert in nutrition and reading food labels. Great job Brooke in being an amazing role model to your daughter. We are so proud of you Bella for your hard work and commitment to get fit. We will miss you both!

It was always a treat to see Brooke and Bella attend our parent and teen exercise classes on Saturdays. The sad part of running a program like ours is that sometimes we have to say “goodbye.” Below is a great picture of Brooke and Bella that we will cherish forever. We hope to also meet your family.

At Kalina’s Fitness we specialize on giving teens (ages 8-18) the tools they need to build healthy habits that last a lifetime. Let us help your child become an amazing version of themselves and schedule your free class today. We look forward to serving your family. Thank you for visiting us!