The “sitting disease,” is a term used by our scientific community to describe individuals that engage in prolonged periods of sitting or overall inactivity. Even though sitting down all day may seem harmless, it has a negative impact on our health and it is literally making us sick and obese. This is why sitting is now considered the new smoking and too much sitting increases your risk of chronic health problems.

Fit Kids are physically active and play for at least 1 hour every day and do activities that build their muscles, get their heart pumping, and make them feel good. A regular exercise program that includes circuit training exercise classes is ideal since it help kids to strenthen their muscles and get the cardio workout they need. Here are 10 tips to help your kids make physical activity a part of their day.

1. Go for a Long Walk

Go for a walk with your kids around your neighborhood or go to the nearby store instead of driving. Remember to always use sidewalks and crosswalks and take the stairs every chance you can get.

2. Turn up the Music

Dancing is a great way to get some physical activity and have some fun with your kids. Turn on your favorite hip hop, country, salsa, rock, or pop music songs and shake, rattle, and dance with your kids.

3. Go Out and Play

Badmington, basketball, soccer, and pickleball are all fun sports that you can play with your kids. Take your family to the local community center and choose an activity that everyone wants to do together.

4. Plant a Garden

Plant and grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables with your whole family. Creating a garden is tough work and a great way to keep kids fit. Get your kids to check on the plants and to water them every day.

5. Be Active Inside

A great way to stay active indoors is to workout with your kids. See how many jumping jacks, pushups, situps, and crunches they can do. You can also play a game of hide-and-seek or plan a scavenger hunt.

6. Always Warm Up

Always warm up with your kids before you do any physical activity and after exercising to cool down. Stretching warms the muscles up, makes joints more flexible, and may help protect against injury.

7. Go Bike at the Park

Grab your helmet and safety gear and go biking with your kids at the local park or greenway. Biking is a top-notch cardio workout that burns about 400 calories an hour and strengthens your lower body.

8. Take Exercise Classes

Exercising doesn’t have to be a boring. Think outside the box by taking new classes. Mix it up by participating with your kids in classes that are more unusual, such as trampoline classes or dancing.

9. Enter a Competitive Run

Start small and sign up for a fun run. Just like you wouldn’t want to run a marathon as your very first race, children should build up to longer distances over time. Start with a fun run then go for the 5k run.

10. Volunteer to Help Others

Choose volunteer activities your kids can do where you will be on your feet and moving around. Make a difference helping others by picking up trash at the local park or helping a neighbor that is in need.

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