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What is Kalina’s Fitness

The Power to Transform Kids and Teens

By combining nutrition, support, and exercise, Kalina’s Fitness makes getting fit as easy as 1-2-3. Our program provides a complete solution that gives kids and teens the tools they need to reach their goals and build healthy habits that last a lifetime. It is truly a program that works for all kids and teens!

Our program was developed by us, Jorge and Kalina Martinez, over a decade ago. In 2003, we built the first teen fitness and weight loss program in our nation, Lean Teen Program, and rebuilt it again in 2014. Over the past 16 years our program has helped over 1,000 kids and teens transform their lives.

News Video: First Teen Center (2003-2005) News Video: Second Teen Center (2014-Present)

Who are Jorge and Kalina?

And how do they know about this Stuff?

Welcome to Kalina’s Fitness! My name is Jorge and I am the President and Founder. My wife, Kalina, is the Program Director and she has over 20 years of experience working with kids and teens. The name “Kalina” is not only my wife’s name but it is also an aboriginal name that means “to love” and in Greek it means “beautiful.” It is the perfect name for us because we love our kids and families and we are all beautifully created by God in his own image.

We started our first teen weight loss center back in 2003 because we saw a great need to help teens develop healthy habits and improve their quality of life. The fact is that obesity is currently the number ONE cause of death in our country as more adults develop heart disease early in life. The GOOD NEWS is that this is preventable! My wife and I truly believe that adolescence is the most important time in a person’s life to build healthy habits. This is why we are on a mission to help kids change their habits and transform their lives.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Our First Teen Center

The Beginning of Living our Dream

When my wife and I started our first business in 2003, we set out to follow our passion by helping women lose weight. As our business grew, we realized that while there were many fitness and weight loss centers for women there were no programs out there to help kids and teens build healthy habits.

To fill this need we developed the Lean Teen Program as a complete program that included nutrition, group support, and exercise classes. Our mission was to give teens (ages 8-18) all the tools they needed to change the way they think about food and exercise and help them to transform their lives.

From the beginning, our teen program grew quickly and was featured several times in the news. As our Lean Teens became a big part of our life, my wife and I had a strong desire to have children of our own. After lots of prayer, we decided that our best option to have children was to move to Charlotte.

“Our journey is a story filled with challenges, perseverance, hope and lots of faith!”

Our Second Teen Center

Experience Makes this so Much Easier

We sold our business in 2005 to take on a new challenge… infertility. It was a difficult struggle and after 8 years of trying to have children my wife and I realized that God had different plans for us. Our Lean Teens are our children and it is our calling to share our love of exercise and nutrition with them.

At the same time we realized that no one was going to rebuild our teen program but us. So in 2014, we used our experience to perfect our program and open our second teen weight loss center. Since then we have helped hundreds of kids and teens build healthy habits and achieve their goals.

However, we still have a big problem. You see childhood obesity has become the #1 health concern for parents today. And even though 1 out of 3 kids and teens in our country is considered overweight or obese there are still no fitness centers out there for them to build healthy habits and lose weight.

That is why we are building the first fitness and weight loss brand just for kids and teens – Kalina’s Fitness. Together we will get America back into shape!

Thank You for Being Here

Your Free Day Pass and Our Pledge to You

As the founder of Kalina’s Fitness, I believe that America is at a crossroads. Our teens are sacrificing their future for the immediate gratification of television, video games, and fast food. By teaching kids and teens the value of exercise and proper nutrition, we can empower them with the strength, confidence, and self esteem they will need to pursue their dreams. We can train them to build healthy habits and help transform their lives!

Our program is the only year-round, affordable fitness and weight loss program designed especially for kids and teens ages 8 to 18. To register online for your FREE Day Pass please click on the button to the right to find a location that is near you. Our coaches and I pledge to do everything we can to help you and your family get fit. We can’t wait to help your child become an amazing version of themselves. Thank you for being here!