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Hello! I am Kalina Martinez. My husband Jorge and I have owned and operated two very successful teen weight loss centers. Together we have over 16 years of experience as leaders in the teen fitness and weight loss industry. We specialize in giving kids and teens (ages 8-18) the tools they need to build healthy habits and transform their lives!

In our years working with teens and their families, we have observed that the number one desire of all parents is that they want the best for their kids but they do not know where to start. So if you are a parent interested in helping your child to build healthy habits and reach their full potential then our program was designed especially for you.

At Kalina’s Fitness, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to lose weight and get fit. By combining nutrition, group support, and exercise classes, our program makes it easy for all teens to become an amazing version of themselves. See How It Works!

Our mission: To empower teens with the tools to build healthy habits that last a lifetime.  

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More than an Ordinary Fitness Center

Since our start in 2003, our program has helped thousands of teens transform their lives. By combining nutrition, support, and exercise, we provide kids and teens (ages 8-18) with all the tools they need to get fit.

Nutritional Counseling

With your help, our coaches will prepare a nutrition plan that gives you and your family the flexibility to make permanent lifestyle changes.

Complete Group Support

Our group support classes are designed to change the way kids and teens think about food and exercise in a fun and positive environment.

Unlimited Exercise Classes

Our circuit training classes combine short bursts of cardio with recovery periods to help our members burn more calories in just half the time.

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