Before Marquis joined the Lean Teen Program he was being bullied at school. Now he’s one of our biggest success stories and his smile replaces the anger he once had. In less than a year Marquis lost over 50 pounds by attending our Lean Teen classes and changing his eating and exercise habits.

Marquis (age 13) has also rediscovered his passion for playing basketball and has learned how easy it is to make healthy food choices. Besides coming twice a week to our program, he joined the basketball team at his school and now spends his free time exercising instead of playing video games. Marquis also is eating more vegetables, drinking 8 glasses of water per day, and getting the sleep he needs.

His dad and mom (pictured above) are very proud of Marquis for his hard work and commitment. His dad Marc told us “I’m proud of him for sticking with it because at first it was a challenge to him because it’s hard work. He stuck with it, and we pushed him along, but now it’s automatic for him.”

Marquis has even inspired his parents to go walking with him and keeps his family accountable with their food choices. Marc shared with us that “in addition to making changes in himself, he will challenge us to walk daily with him and make better food choices. It is amazing to see how the program helped him change his habits and lose so much weight in such a short amount of time!”

Marc now recommends the Lean Teen Program to his friends and people he knows at work. “I’ve told everyone I know how great this program is and how it helps to transform kids lives. It was very easy for my son to change his eating habits using MyPlate and now the whole family is eating healthier too.”

Like Marquis, we can also help your family to get fit. At Kalina’s Fitness our mission is to give kids and teens all the tools they need to transform their lives and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Our program is the only year-round, affordable fitness and weight loss program designed especially for teens between the ages of 8 to 18. It is truly a program that can work for all kids and teens!

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By combining nutritional counseling, group support, and exercise classes, we provide kids and teens with a complete solution that empowers them with the tools to achieve their fitness goals. We are driven by a strong belief that all children deserve the opportunity to realize their full potential.

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