During the past 6 years we have helped hundreds of kids and teens change their habits and transform their lives. It is always exciting to hear back from our kids long after they have left our program and hear about their progress. Our Lean Teen Carrigan (pictured above) wrote us the following email:

“I just wanted to send y’all an update on my life since I moved to Florida. I’m working as a lifeguard right now for the First Coast YMCA and I’m quite busy with all of my hours, but more importantly I’m finally comfortable being in a swimsuit again! I started with y’all at around 163 pounds and I can proudly say I am down to 137 pounds. I can finally wear cute dresses and things I wore my freshman year of high school again, but more importantly is that I’m confident in my own skin again! I just wanted to thank you all for being a big part of my weight loss journey and lifestyle change!”

Parent Testimonials and Reviews

Our Fit Kid and Lean Teen programs are giving kids and teens the tools they need to transform their lives! But don’t take our word for it… here is what parents are saying about us (see Facebook Page):

Lakisha Rucker Pride review - “I am so thankful and impressed by The Lean Teen Program. It’s a wonderful program for kids and families. Not only has my daughter lost weight, inches and body fat in one month, but most importantly her self esteem and confidence have improved. Jorge, Kalina, and the trainers are amazing, professional and so kind. Thank you for caring about our children. I definitely recommend the program!”

Jenny Ledyard Bivona review - “We have been going 3 weeks now, drive over 30 minutes to get to class and are more than excited about this program. My daughter is getting so much out of it and the staff is amazing. Well worth the drive!!!”

Shirma Stover-George review - “Thanks to the awesome people at Lean Teen for their commitment to helping young people learn the value of a healthy lifestyle! I have seen a HUGE difference in my Madison since starting the program in March. Thank you!”

Joya Wilmot review - “We tried several other places, worked with personal trainers one on one and nothing worked consistently until we found Lean Teen. My daughter enjoys this program immensely and has been working very hard at making better choices with her nutrition. She likes the trainers and I love hearing about her workouts and group meetings. We’re so glad to have found this program.”

Beverly Knox Davis review - “This program has been awesome for my daughter. Her self-esteem has improved, she is losing weight and is much more motivated than I have ever seen. I am grateful for this program.”

Dolores Jarrin review - “Lean Teen is a wonderful program and facility dedicated to helping children to learn healthy habits. The owners are genuinely caring people who have great dedication to truly helping children. We’re so excited to have our son start his journey here!”

Nancy Torzewzki review - “The Lean Teen program is awesome! It helps our teens (and parents) learn lifelong healthy eating habits, group support and classes, plus a great workout! The owners Jorge and Kalina are most committed and helpful. We are grateful to have found them.”

Stephanie Gainer review - “Thank you Jorge and Kalina for dedicating yourselves to our children! My daughter has learned so much in this program and has made life long changes! It has helped our whole family be more dedicated to achieving a healthier lifestyle! ♡♡♡”

Mimi Griffin review - “My son really is enjoying this program. He loves the encouragement and he feels so comfortable. And meeting new friends he loves it. I want to thank the staff at Lean Teen program so much.”

Pam Wenzinger review - “I’m so happy to have found a place that my child can feel comfortable in learning about nutrition and exercise. Very positive environment with people committed in making a difference in the lives of children!”

Tammy Goins Ames review - “My niece has been in the program for a few months now, and she has not only lost 9 pounds, but she has gained confidence and good knowledge on what to eat and how to eat healthy, she loves going to Lean Teen and she has a support system that helps keep her eye on the prize! I would recommend the program to anyone looking for a complete package for their child.”

Sharon McFarland review - “I’m so impressed with The Lean Teen program. The availability of nutritional counseling, exercise, group sessions, and monitoring of weight & body measurements is great. There is accountability and follow up with each client. In addition to being Christians, Jorge & Kalina are very professional. My daughter’s motivated because she’s surrounded by peers who are able to identify with her struggle. Thanks Jorge & Kalina!!”

Lesley Lolly Munoz review - “My daughter has been attending Lean Teen for 5 wks now and I love it. She has lost weight, inches, body fat and her BMI has been reduced. All in 5wks!!! I see confidence in her that I didn’t see before and she made some really nice friends there which is also a plus. Kalina and Jorge or really kind and encouraging. They treat us like family. We love it! Thank you Lean Teen Trainers for working so hard with my little girl. Look forward to whats to come.”

Teen Testimonials and News Video

Our program was designed especially for teens and was developed by us over a decade ago. In 2003, we developed the first teen fitness and weight loss program in our nation and rebuilt it again in 2014. Over the past 16 years our programs have helped over 1,000 kids and teens transform their lives.

Brigida Mack from WBTV News came to interview our Lean Teens and it was truly amazing to see our kids answer her questions about fitness and nutrition. Below you can watch the complete 40 minute news video and their testimonials. If you have limited time, please watch this quick 3 minute trailer.

Teen Testimonials - News Video Part 1

Teen Testimonials - News Video Part 2

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