At Kalina’s Fitness, we believe that America is at a crossroads. Our teens are sacrificing their future for the immediate gratification of television, video games, and fast food. By teaching kids and teens the value of exercise and proper nutrition, we empower them with the strength, confidence, and self esteem to pursue their dreams. We can train them to build healthy habits and transform their lives!

We combine nutritional counseling, group support, and exercise classes to make losing weight easy. Our Lean Teen Program provides a complete solution that gives teens ages 8 to 18 the tools they need to reach their fitness and weight loss goals. It is truly a program that works for all kids and teens!

Our program was designed for teens and was developed by us over a decade ago. In 2003, we built the first teen fitness and weight loss program in our nation, Lean Teen Program, and rebuilt it again in 2014. Over the past 16 years our program has helped over 1,000 kids and teens transform their lives.

Teen Testimonials - Quick 3 Min Trailer

Brigida Mack from WBTV News came to interview our Lean Teens and it was truly amazing to see our kids answer her questions about fitness and nutrition. Below you can watch the complete 40 minute news video and their testimonials. If you have limited time, please watch this quick 3 minute trailer.

Teen Testimonials - News Video Part 1

Teen Testimonials - News Video Part 2

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At Kalina’s Fitness, our mission is to give teens the tools they need to transform their lives and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Our program is the only year-round, affordable fitness and weight loss program designed especially for kids and teens between the ages of 8 to 18.

We are driven by a strong belief that every teen deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential. Let us help your child become an amazing version of themselves and schedule your free class today. We look forward to serving you and your family with excellence. Thank you for visiting us!