When London joined our program at age 9 she had the drive and commitment to be fit but lacked the knowledge to make healthy choices. The first thing we did to help London was to set up a meeting with her and her mom to do a personalized nutrition plan. Since being healthy is a lot more than just exercise, parents need to realize that nutrition is 80% percent of the work when it comes to staying fit.

Knowledge that children gain about food and its health benefits has an important influence in their eating habits as adults. Training London on how to use MyPlate was critical in her success since she learned how to balance her plate and measure the right portion sizes for her age. She also learned how to eat the right mix of foods and make better choices at school and when going out to eat.

A regular exercise program is just as essential to help school-age kids lay the foundation necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Current physical activity guidelines recommend 60 minutes or more of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily. Once London was set up with her nutrition plan, she attended classes that consisted of 30 minutes of exercise with a trainer and 30 minutes of group support.

Even though our group support classes take up 30 minutes of each one hour class, kids need to get the right support to build healthy habits. Most people today have problems dealing with stress, emotional eating, and over eating which all play a part in our obesity epidemic. This is why we give all our kids the support they need to build their self-esteem and confidence in a group setting with their peers.

Below is a great picture of London after losing over 5 pounds her first month. The best thing about training her to be fit is not the weight loss but seeing her excel at push ups and her work outs. The knowledge and skills London is learning about nutrition and exercise will be a part of her for the rest her life. And that is truly a wonderful thing since all kids need to build healthy habits at a young age.

At Kalina’s Fitness, we are a lot more than just a fitness center. Our mission is to give kids and teens (ages 8-18) the tools to transform their lives and build healthy habits that last a lifetime. While most programs only focus on exercise classes, nutritional counseling, or group support, our program includes all three. We give kids all the tools they need to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals!

1. Personalized Nutrition Plan

It all starts with a one-on-one nutritional consultation to better understand your child’s eating habits. Your health coach will prepare a nutrition plan that gives your family the flexibility needed to make permanent lifestyle changes. MyPlate is an effective way for your child to learn how to control their portions with an easy to understand illustration that will teach them how to build a healthy plate.

2. Complete Group Support

All our group support classes are designed to help kids stay motivated and get the encouragement they need. With the assistance of an expert counselor, our group support classes discuss positive thinking, body image, self-esteem, anti-bullying strategies, dealing with stress, goal setting, problem solving, nutrition, and much more. It is all about empowering our kids with the tools to be successful.

3. Unlimited Exercise Classes

Our exercise classes are designed to help kids get in shape no matter what their current level of activity is. By combining short bursts of cardio with recovery periods, your child will burn more calories than exercising at the same pace in just half the time. All our classes include 30 minutes of exercise as well as 30 minutes of group support to help our kids stay physically and mentally in shape.

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By combining personalized nutrition, group support, and unlimited exercise classes, we provide kids with a complete solution that empowers them with the tools to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. We are driven by a strong belief that all kids deserve the opportunity to realize their potential. Let us help your family get fit and schedule your free class today. We look forward to serving you!