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Teach Your Kids Healthy Habits Early

July 10, 2019

Healthy habits help children become happy and successful adults. We give kids and teens the tools they need...

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Teen Weight Loss Myths and Facts

June 30, 2019

After many conversations with teens and parents struggling with weight loss, here are 5 common myths that often...

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Charlotte Teen Weight Loss Center

June 10, 2019

Our teen weight loss center in Charlotte gives kids and teens (ages 8-18) the tools they need to...

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Home of the Fit Kid Program®

May 30, 2019

Our Fit Kid Program has helped thousands of kids (ages 8-18) transform their lives by combining nutrition, group...

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How to Lose Weight Safely (for Teens)

May 20, 2019

Our Lean Teen Program gives teens (ages 8-18) all the tools they need to build healthy habits and...

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